Sunday, June 26, 2011

Strike! Illamasqua Style

I received Illamasqua Strike in a swap. I think it is amazing...

Three coats, though I feel two would be fine. It is a pearl shimmer that is quite a beauty.

There is a soft green flash in there hither and thither that is a nice mix.

Better seen in the bottle:

The formula is pretty amazing. It dried so fast, the wear was great and I can find little to fault. There is something rather perfect about a shimmering aqua blue.

Last winter I blogged about Maybelline's Teal Appeal here, and I really do love that one, too, but this one seems to have quite the "next level" feel about it.

These photos were taken in the afternoon sun. My lens needed a cleaning, but my does it add a little "movie star" glisten to the polishes? Well, that has been remedied!

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