Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bowl of Cherries

I think I blew the brains of my camera when I was trying to photograph these, so I will start with bottle shots.
I know, so backwards, but there you have it.

First pair are Misas both, Today is My birthday and Cherry Glazed:

Add a "d" at the end of Cherry Glaze, oops!!

In actuality, they are super close. Indeed, closer than I would care to admit.
TIMB is a creme and Cherry Glazed is a near jelly.

Here is TIMB:

Here is Cherry Glaze:

The worst part is trying to not make them both look so red, and really it is weird how red TIMB looks, when in real life it is much closer. So close that the finish is what makes them really different.

TIMB is from the Misa I'm Only Human collection.  Cherry Glazed I found on's website on a back page and can not say what collection it might have been in.

Misa has a formula that keeps on giving, that's for sure. These are both three coats and were quite easy to work with.
And, both are super reds with enough pink to be super flattering.

Next is Sally Hansen Potent Pink and Revlon Cherries in the Snow:

I've worn Potent Pink about 4-5 times and it's a nice color. I sorted out base coat issues, so no chips. Yay! It's one of those 10-Day rectangular bottles.
CitS is an old Revlon color. My mom mentioned that her aunt used to wear lipstick with that name and it was back in the middle 1950's.

Here is SH Potent Pink:

Here is Cherries in the Snow:

Again, in real life these are extremely close and SH PP is the more pink of the two. CitS is taken outside on a cloudy day - late spring here - so it is a wee bit more blue.

Potent Pink, as I said, is pretty good to work with, a little touchy on dry time, but not impossible.

Cherries in the Snow was the real surprise. I've long had trouble getting Revlon to dry at all. I've gotten rid of a lot of Revlon because it just can't stand my chemistry. This was fantastic! Not buttery but quite nice.

I started editing this on my laptop and the colors were hugely different. Now I'm on the newer iMac and they look the way I thought they looked. Crazy.

Red still is a tough one for me. I see the nuances in greens and blues and purples, but red is much harder.

In the end all of them are nice, and this is why it makes peeling off dupes hard. First off, I adore Misa's formula, next Revlon surprised me, third, Potent Pink has been a decent stand by color. So much for de-duping.

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. My picks would be Cherry Glaze and Potent Pink. Though oddly, I don't believe I have any of these in my many pinks.

  2. Yeah, it is weird how I have four!


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