Saturday, March 19, 2011

Turquoise Jelly

The sun was out and I had some time, so I swatched. Nice!

Here is an unnamed turqoise by L.A. Colors. There are tons of these on the racks at my Dollar Tree, however, I bought this one a while ago and just now am getting around to it. The name is on the package, I wish I had noticed that before I sent all the packaging to recycle!!! Ack!



It's a beautiful thing to find a nice subtle jelly in the Dollar Tree!! It's a dusty turquoise that has that perfect jelliness. Not so much that it's nearly clear and definitely not a "what happened to the pigment!" in a murky mess.

It is funny how jelly can be such an elusive finish. Sometimes, as seen in the previous L.A. Girl Green Glaze post, it can be rather hard to see it as much more than a sheer. In other cases, it's more like this. The light gently passes through it, and lights it up, as though it's lit from within.  There is a soft, glowing luminescence. Perfect for an early spring day with the sun trying its hardest to melt the snow and grow my tulips!

Green or Blue? We color organizers always have to wrestle with these shades!

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I think this one is called Atomic. It's so pretty, I love turquoise and jellies.

  2. If the sticker on this one says BCC564, it's definitely Atomic, like Madeline said. I guess we're both feeling this brand - I'm wearing Static Electricity right now and loving it! I love this on you and can't wait to try mine!

  3. Yes! I saw that blue you were wearing and I am so in need of it!!

    I have to admit This applied so well.


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