Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Second Annual Go Air Yer Bra! Greens For March!

Old jokes never die, they just get less chuckles.

I am going to do the same thing I did last year: March will be a month of greens.

For a start, since it's a blizzard when I write this, and the prospect of spring is far away I will start with a dark shimmer.

Hard Candy's Envy:

A truly beautiful shimmer. Dark and mysterious in a black base, it is packed with shimmer punch.

These are, as are all my winter photos, taken with a double light set-up. I've been tweaking my lighting all the time, and I am thinking I am near the perfect low-budget product lighting set up.

The formula is quite nice and I'm trying a new thing out: when I am going to swatch, I will put on a few coats and wear it without top coat for a day or so to see how hearty the polish is under wear and tear. This isn't too bad, I feel that in a lot of ways I am especially hard, since I'm out in the weather with my horse. This didn't fair as bad as some others. We'll see how this idea pans out.

Meanwhile, this polish wore pretty well.

It is glorious in the bright sunshine, which we had the day after I shot these photos. I could not replicate this, and flash would blow it out completely.

So, indoors, very understated, but in sunshine, it's very beautiful.

Bottle shot, because you can see how dark it is, yet at the top is the shimmer punch:

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Nice deep green! Envy is one of the nail polish names I think should be retired; I have at least two called that and neither is Hard Candy.


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