Thursday, February 17, 2011

Three Teal Layering Glitters Duke It Out!

Ding Ding!!!

Tonight in our arena we've got three of the most popular layering glitters around, well, maybe not the top, but in the green/teal family, one is near legend.

Our contenders are each going to be shown in a sequence of one, two, three and four coats.

The first:

Sinful's Nail Junkie

First: props for the awesome name. Who can beat that? Forget your silly puns, your double entendres, just call me what I am: a nail junkie!!

A teal green jelly base with a healthy dose of small and mid-sized glitter particles. They are translucent and have some iridescence which makes it a fantastic layering polish.
There is also a random square glitter in Nail Junkie hither and yon that adds interest.
It doesn't cover too heavily, so you can still see your base beneath most coats.

The second:

Nicole by OPI Nicole...Spotted!
I found this for $1.99 at Shopko, for some reason they carry all these, but didn't move this collection very well at all.
It is, in my opinion an exact dupe of Sinful's Nail Junkie.

The only difference, to me, is that the base is a little lighter, or the color is thinned out, and there are more tiny glitter particles than mid-sized. Other than that, it's identical.


China Glaze Atlantis. Different, but definitely similar.

Darker base, for sure, much more teal. Also the glitter is solid and holographic. There is smaller glitter that appears to be opalescent. Much more coverage availing it to be a nice polish to wear alone or to layer. Perhaps its ability to do multiple jobs is why I like it a lot.

In many ways this is a knock out, but doesn't win on a technicality: there is too much coverage if you really want to see your base polish.

Bask in the holo goodness!
I love Atlantis, but think Nail Junkie is a better layering polish. Nicole...Spotted! looks like she was paid to take a dive.

Here is the trio together:

All one coat over black.

Left to right:
Sinful Nail Junkie
Nicole by OPI Nicole...Spotted!
China Glaze Atlantis

In truth, I love the fine glitter in OPI Spotted, I love the holo in Atlantis, and I love the random square glitter in Nail Junkie.

I will call this fight a three way tie.

If, however, you can only budget for one, you probably should get Nail Junkie. It's the best bang for the buck, unless you can find the Nicole on sale, which is the only reason I bought it.

Thanks for coming to see fight night at my little nail polish journal!

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