Wednesday, December 29, 2010

End o' Year Doo Dads

Here are a few odds and bobs I wanted to put into one post, just to get them done, as it were.

Picture a novella.

Chapter 1

First we have a few leftover sheers that I tried over black. Thanks to an astute comment, some of these will be relegated to frankening.

This is a Sally Hansen Hard as Nails with no label on the back, and is a pinkish beige that is really frosty. Over black it doesn't transform into any great shakes either.

Chapter 2

This, though, has interest!

This is Sally Hansen is called Embellish Frost.
What up Sally? Are you playing with me? How clever are you to put blue with an orange/bronze shimmer snuck up in there? Hello! I think I love you!

From left to right:
Three coats alone
One coat over black
Three coats alone
Two coats over black

A single coat seems to really play up the bronze, two coats is pretty whatever. Alone, it isn't a "wow" blue, but it's not bad!!

I don't think I have one other polish that has blue with bronze in it! Nice Dollar Tree action sequence!

Chapter 3

Naughty, naughty, naughty!
(a quote from a Bollywood movie, no less! - And if you can name the film, email me and I'll send you a gift!!!)

Sally Hansen Naughty Creme

Three coats of delicious darkness!

Applied very well, dried well, too.

Tip wear emerged, but I'm pretty hard on my nails. I cracked one picking up a pug. There isn't much I can do when they get longer. I sometimes wish all my nails were as strong as my thumb nails! That would be so nice!

But, onward!

Chapter 4

I've been working on my lighting situation for taking photos. The whole light box with permanence kind of bugged me, because of space issues. So, I took one of those pop-up mesh containers that had a sideways opening, and tried it out.

Plus, I have a second light, though, I did need something to diffuse the light, as you can see from the Naughty Creme photo above.

Here is the set up:
Man, am I easy to please!!

The mesh works really well. I need to put a piece of poster paper behind it to remove the "laundry" feeling about it, but the mesh really is a boon, and I can fold this up and pop it next to my desk!
Happy Dance!!!

Chapter 5

Last but not least!

I found this polish on eBay! It's a Calvin Klein brand, in some very cute packaging I might add, that is actually made by Markwin, the folks who make WetnWild and Lina Gale. (among other things, I am sure!)

Excuse the Pug hair!!!!
Double cap that fits like a glove. Nifty!!

The shimmer is much more pretty in person!

The first coat is pretty sheer, but it has lots of shimmer.

From left to right:
Three coats alone
One coat over black
Three coats alone
One coat over black

It dried so well, unfortunately I tried an LDL clear top coat and that was just not meshing with the chemistry. This really is a favorite green color of mine.
I also kind of wonder if WetnWild put a similar color out under their own label?

Here's another bottle photo:

Splendid is right!!!

The End!

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal (journey?)


  1. Embellish Frost actually looks great at 3 coats. And that CK green is awesome. Interesting that it's made by Markwins...

  2. Hey! Happy new year!
    Yes, very surprised by that, but I bet there are a lot that do this.


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