Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I just did a beta test on my mail box form on the "Drop Me a Line" page and it isn't working correctly.

Sorry about that!!!

As you can see I am the hopeful sort who forgets to double check these things until months later!

To quote Homer Simpson: "DOH!"

Too keep this nail related: If you happen to be checking out Ross try to keep an eye peeled for 5-bottle Princessa sets in a dark brown paper box with cream colored flower design. Why? Because there are a couple of absolutely phenomenal jellies in there! A third is so thin, I filed it with my "water" polishes, but two are gorgeous! The 4th and 5th are essentially the same, but with some shimmer thrown in. One jelly is that dark, reddish purple base, that is similar to a certain polish whom we shall not mention.
Bestest of all? If you add Hidden Treasure or other flakie goodness to it, you get a rich holiday/fall color palette. Photos coming soon! I promise!!!

Of course, welcome all new folks who are reading my blog on follow mode! I really am trying to be worthy of your efforts!!!

Meanwhile if you have any questions, contact me through comments, or email me at (I know, it's so long, and all those dots. What was I thinking!!!)

This year Halloween got away from me and I didn't get to do the planned fauxnad/Awakening/Spellbound/Fortune Teller swatches I planned. I even got Spellbound off of eBay for what for me is an unGodly price and I may just post that comp with Galactic Glow for the heck of it, I've got the photos finally edited.

Other upcoming: well it is, for me, vamp and holiday season, so I am going to go all out in December. Oh, and I finally got a long time lemming. That I'll keep under my hat for a comparison post.

Thank you so much for reading my little nail polish blogging efforts!!

Happy November!


  1. We want pics! I have a Ross really close to me but can't picture the pack you're talking about... :)

  2. Hey!
    You know, I was going to keep the packaging, but about three months ago I threw it away!!!

    It's dark milk chocolate with an open window on the package and the bottles are almost unmarked, but have gold caps. They may show up again this year. I kind of feel bad showing hard to find polishes, but this jelly is super nice.

    I got rid of the package b/c I didn't want to go all hoarder! LOL!


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