Sunday, November 14, 2010

Beachy Keen and a Layer

I am on the quest for a nude that I really adore. Summer and winter. Spring and fall.
I've got 19 or so, and that's far too many.

Right now I'm just going through them bit by bit, categorizing them into sections that might better serve as undercoats for sheers and neons and those that are just nice to wear on their own.

Beachy Keen by Sally Hansen falls in the latter category.

It almost looks like a rose on my skin, that might be because I am a bit on the warm tint side of things.

And really, to me, nude is a nebulous word, it all depends on your skin tone, so maybe other words should be used. Like here I'd say it was a dusty rose from 1986 than anything like "nude" or "beachy" - whatever beachy means, what, sunburned? Hmmm.

I've got a ton of these colors and I just don't know how fast I can wear them! I think some will get purged. So, it boils down to formula, wear, dry time, and how much I like the color.

So, I will file this one under "rose" and dispense with "nude" because it really just looks like a pale dusty rose.

I then added another new sheer polish by Sally Hansen called Sheer Joy, an older Dollar Tree item I am pretty sure. This seemed to have a pale blue flash to it:

This shimmer does add a bit of zing! to this whole dusty affair! Nice!

This feels like a spring or summer shade, but here it is! Winter!

As far as wear, the Sally Hanson Complete Salon Manicure polishes dry pretty well, not super fast on me, and wear pretty nice! I love some of them: Commander in Chic, Gray by Gray, Fairy Teal and Hidden Treasure, so they are worth it. Of course if they are on sale it's even better!

Thank you for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. I really like that shade. It suits you nicely. Sheer Joy looks gorgeous over it!

  2. Love it layered!

    I hear you on "nude"--my nude is not everyone's nude. I list a lot of these types of shades as "peach" on my spreadsheet but that's not quite right, either.

  3. Yeah, I have them under "orange/peach" and it's a diverse group, too!


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