Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bloggy Updating Business

I have apparently a now-defunct blogger template - Sand Dollar - that I stripped to bare nekkedness to accommodate the one thing I love in a nail polish blog: clean space for photos!

I just spent a few minutes tweaking the HTML - be afraid! - trying to add more photo space.

So if you are seeing the menu info flipping to the bottom of the page when you load, please comment or email me, I think I organized the photo space to be 73%, the separator to be 2% and the menu info to be 25%.

This will give me a little more real estate for photos.

I might start another blog under this name so I can practice without actually killing these pages. Maybe even test drive some templates besides the puny selection from Blogger.

To keep on track: do keep your eyes peeled for another easy to copy bang for yer bux franken, some reds, and of course more autumnal colors!

Thank you for your time and patience as I tweak, twiddle and play with my blog!

ps...of course now I realize there is a lot of horizontal space for text, too, which means that it can be a bit of a drag to read.

Hmmmm....the work continues!

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