Monday, September 20, 2010

WetnWild - Love Affair

This came in a 10 pack of oddball WetnWild's from Ross. I think there were some of those "diamond" polishes with the little diamond top as well as some shimmery top coats.


I've been reluctant to wear this one because it is almost like a neon shimmer/frost (don't ask me to be sure it's either)

Here is a closeup of my thumb and the label:


I'd say that it's a pretty polish, perfect for summer, indeed it is like a deep hot shimmery pink that verges on red, but also feels like it's got little LCD's lighting up from inside. Odd, but interesting!

I almost cracked out Sally Hansen Laser glitter, it would be a perfect marriage for this polish. I might try this for a holiday entry.

Thanks for reading my little ol' nail polish journal!


  1. That's a pretty shade. Would be great for the holidays.


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