Saturday, September 18, 2010

Khaki - Sally Hansen's Way

I thought I'd show you my version of following fall trends:

Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails line in two versions:
Edgy Creme - the "with nylon" line.
Trendy Creme - the older narrow bottle.

Both fit the bill for me, though I'm the first to say that the Chanel versions are probably better formulas. I mean, at least they should be!

Edgy Creme, on the left, is a little greener, a little grayer, and evokes dark khaki.
Trendy Creme reminds me of those green khaki woolen blankets that we had in our military housing. Scratchy!

Both were thin, streaky and balding. Not a surprise!

Edgy Creme is nearly 5 coats, Trendy 4 coats.
I say nearly because I accidentally put the Trendy Creme over the Edgy Creme on coat two...oops!

Every single Dollar Tree I go into has one of these poor polishes just hanging there! Sad, forlorn, green layer of clear at the top, a blossem of yellow at the bottom.
They just get no love!

The wear is average, some tipwear after a couple days.
Surprisingly it dried very nicely!
I thought I'd have smudges, but no!

These polishes look great when layered with the Sally Hansen glitters Cyber and Wired. Takes that poop colored polish to a whole new level!

Thanks for reading my nail polish journal!


  1. Ha--I have one of those glitters! Now I'll have to try layering it with one of these--or do you think the world would explode if I layered it over Khaki Vert? :)

  2. It will be like Prince William marrying Lindsey Lohan!!!

    A perfect match!


  3. I cant believe all the hype about these khaki colors!
    I tagged you for a blog award

  4. Oh Wow!!
    Thank you!!!

    I am behind on responding to these....I am embarrassed because you all are so nice to do this and I feel like I'm slacking!!!


    Thank you!!!

  5. I like these "poop" colors. I haven't come across these yet.

  6. I love khaki colors and have Trendy Creme - I was able to wear it with just two coats. I wanted something that looked more like Edgy creme as well so I frankened one using some Orlys and absolutely love the result. My skin loves colors like this! Sally Hansen was making such fab colors back then!

  7. Thanks for your comments!!

    ABOP, I agree, these colors seem to work on my skintone, too.



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