Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Bronze Age

Here are four bronzes that I found in my collection that appear to be very similar.

I guess they are actually browns.
But, one is called bronze so I thought I'd run with it!

Enjoy the comparison! (All are 3 coats, shot outdoors)

Elle2Elle (LDL?)
A gray base with shimmering bronze brown.
The base almost gives it a plum feel. Almost!
Really nice application!
$4.99 for a 9 pack of mixed colors found at Ross, these are always a pleasant surprise when I wear them.

Diamond Cosmetics
Very similar to the LDL, but w/o the dark gray base.
$2 from Good Ol' Diamond Cosmetics!
They get raked through the coals because their extremely transparent "private label" work, but I have always enjoyed ordering and getting polish from them: easy, great prices, fabulous polish.
I am quite sure that other companies do private label stuff but they do different colors (Ulta's OPI exclusive Dazzled by Gold or Sephora's custom OPI line).
So, while I'm not a fan of the companies that don't seem to get that it's pretty obvious that these are DC polishes with a different label, I feel bad for DC for not making a business plan that puts up different color formulations, swatches etc. In a lot of ways it's shooting their relationship with these companies in the foot. Sure, some folks don't mind paying $12 for a bottle of polish, but if you can buy the identical thing for $2? There isn't THAT much boutique cache going on here. It's not Chanel or Dior or Versace.
Anyhow, anyone reading this blog probably already knows about the minor brouhaha around DC's private label and knows they make nice nail polishes. Most are traditional finishes. (although, as an aside, with all the glassy particles that everyone is coming out with this fall, it's just a matter of time before DC scores some of these ingredients and make their own versions, one hopes!)

Meanwhile, back to the nail polish! This was more foil-like of a finish. Nothing bad to say about this one either!

Maybelline Express Finish
Bronze Beam
This is why I called all the others "bronze" instead of "brown", but really it's a brown, just like the rest.
Although it has larger particles that make it feel like a glitter, it's one of those shimmery type polishes.
The particles are bright brass colored, so maybe there's your "beam" aspect.
I put some top coat on my pinkie so you can see how it does smooth out quickly.
Also, it needed 10 or so drops of thinner to help it along.
I still see these hanging at Dollar Trees. I guess people don't like browns, khakis, and doopy colors (is the joke on me or Chanel? They've got three "khaki" colors that look straight out of DT leftovers!) as much as the blues.
This is a bright, beautiful color. Even with the crinkly look, I'd wear it again.

WetnWild Craze
I've got to say, this Craze collection is one that keeps on giving!
A straight up no apologies shimmer.
Warm, trending to the yellower side of the whole batch, and easy to use!
A winner!

Round up
So you can see the similarities and differences.
Also you can see the "texture" of the Bronze Beam.

Bottle shot:

I like the bottles as much as the polishes. And while I'm not a big fan of the Craze bottle or brush (non-removable fat cap and a short brush!) I love the design on the lid. It feels like a boutique brand.

Hope you enjoyed!

Thanks for reading my little nail polish journal!


  1. Great comparison! I only have one of these (the Maybelline). Seeing the Osco sticker in the bottle pic made me smile; I used to shop at Osco all the time when I lived in Illinois.

  2. Yeah, I kind of love the old labels from drug stores I've never heard of.

    Sometimes the prices remind me of how expensive stuff is now, or how expensive it must have been then!

    Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. I have the Diamond Cosmetics and the WetnWild. I love those bronze shades. There all so gorgeous. I should be buying more of Diamond Cosmetics. The price is great and so is there polish.


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