Monday, January 25, 2010

Enchantingly Enchanted by L.A. Girl Nail Polish

I wanted to sit down and do a few entries that I will upload over the course of the week.

I think this is the best way to do it, I'm taking four classes that require a bunch of reading. My cuticles are a mess, it's dry out, then it rains, and I'm just having a little whine!

Products I like, so far:
Earth Therapeutics makes a little butter thing. I found it at Ross, it's amazing stuff! I also have some nearly identical formulated Sally Hansen foot butter. Both have shea butter in them. I hope this will help my cuticles. They are a fright.

This manicure is courtesy of L.A. Girl.
I am not really 100% familiar with this line.
They have some polishes that are in round bottles and some in funky shaped bottles. These are different lines like "Rock Star" and "Disco". So the one I have here is from their regular line, perhaps these are in salons. (Actually I've seen a Sally Beauty one that had the same bottle and identical formula to the round one, but with another name. So there's another case of confusion, too)

First we have the standard manicure shot:

This has been worn, and there is some chippage on the one finger. Lately I've been dinging my fingers right after I've done a manicure. I need to slow down.

Here's a comparison of the bottles:
Orly Fantasea and L.A. Girl Enchanting.
I think they are duplicates. Which of which, I don't know


It's a beautiful blue-ish purple base and this metallic pinkish copper below. The crazy thing is that when it's on it's a bit sheer, which might be the L.A. Girl formula, or just the nature of it, so you add layers. When you add layers you get this metal-under-glass look to the polish, with a bit of duochrome.

I do love it!

Thanks for browsing by!

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