Blog Sale!

Welcome to my blog sale!


Most of my blog sale has moved over to eBay under carolero.

$10 minimum, free shipping.

I take paypal.

Check out my excellent eBay feedback!

japertons on eBay and carolero on eBay.

I'm Dressagediva on MUA, too.


Many polishes listed on eBay.

This is my mom's ID. 

We live in the same household and I have my ID, Japertons, but also use hers due to listing limitations by eBay and special offers she gets that I don't under my ID.

I will be the one handling the auctions and the shipping, etc. It's her paypal, but through eBay so all the same safeguards are in place.

Her auctions are here.

  • Please put  "Blog Sale" in the title. 
  • Please also list the items, prices
  • Please list your paypal address.
  • Please list your address info - ONLY PAYPAL VERIFIED ADDRESSES!
  • If you are on MUA, let me know. It might help with communication!

Shipping Cost

Free Shipping!

Tracking included!

I am not responsible for lost or damaged items. I will pack all items in a bubble mailer with additional bubble wrap to prevent damage. Want insurance, I'll price it for you.

NOTE: I work full time, I ship within 3-4 days. Please be aware that I will email you with a tracking number when I ship. Thank you!


Ask, I'm happy to help clarify or get another picture

Photos can vary based on your monitor and my photography.

Google for swatches, I've swatched several of these polishes, too.

Please enlarge photos. Much detail available!

Lined through items are sold, on hold or otherwise occupied. 

KEEP IN MIND FREE SHIPPING when you price compare or want to negotiate. 

p.s. I am not offended by offers.