Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Decanting Nail Polish From A Nic's Sticks Polish: Part 3

All right!

Here is part 2
Here is part 1

Here is the final stage!

You've now got a tube of polish!

I did spill some when I decanted, so be aware of that! But I had found three Silver-ella's, so I used a full size bottle. These are small amounts in the tubes!

You may want to get all the product out of the tube, if so read on, if not, discard, cap your new bottle and dance the happy dance, you are done!

So, I wanted to get every bit of holo I could out of the tube:

About 2-3 drops is all you need, 5 if you think there is a lot.

Cap it with your finger and shake:

You will end up with a bit at the top by the valve, which never really came out for me, so I left it:

OK! Now you can do the victory dance!! You did it!! You've decanted a Nic's Sticks nail polish into a much easier to use bottle! If it seems too thin, then just let the new bottle remain open for a short time and let some of the thinner evaporate.

You are a hero! You can break into any Nic Stick's like you own it!

Next post: Silver-ella!
(updated 04/05/2014 to add final link, thanks for reading!)

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