Blog Sale!

Welcome to my blog sale!

Open to US Buyers at this time.

Nail polish and makeup. Mostly nail polish :D

$5.00 minimum including shipping


Please send all purchase inquiries to paillette dot a dot nail dot journal at gmail dot com
  • Please put  "Blog Sale" in the title. 
  • Please also list the items, prices
  • Please list your paypal address.
  • Please list your address info if it is different from Paypal. PLEASE check!
  • If you are on MUA, let me know. It might help with communication!


$2.00 for the first item, .40 cents for each additional item up to 4

$5.00 from 5-10 items 

Beyond that, I'll figure out postage and we can weigh the options of a medium flat rate box or other shipping.

Gift payments ONLY. 

Payment is due within 2 days upon invoice. I will keep a waiting list and let back up offers know how things go.
I will just re-list it if I don't hear from you.

No returns. 

All sales final. 

If insurance or tracking is desired, it can be purchased for an additional fee. Let me know. I'll include it in the invoice.

Once an item is pending I put a line through the title, if it doesn't have a line through it, it's probably available.

I am not responsible for lost or damaged items. I will pack all items in a bubble mailer with additional bubble wrap to prevent damage. 

Ask, I'm happy to help clarify or get another picture

Photos can vary based on your monitor and my photography.

Google for swatches, I've swatched several of these polishes, too.

Please enlarge photos. Much detail available!

Lined through items are sold, on hold or otherwise occupied. 



Kryolan Palette

This is a three color palette: Moss, Olive and Emerald
I purchased it off of a blog sale and have only tried it once, it was swatched once before I got it, but really it's almost like new.
Has a square blob of nail polish on the upper right corner, it came that way. I am guessing previous owner wanted to see that it was a green palette.
Excellent pigmentation, I just don't really pull green off around my eyes.
Needs a new home.


Nail Stamping Plates

Nail Craze Stamping Plate NC01


Nail Craze Stamping Plate NC02


Nail Craze Stamping Plate NC03


Nail Craze Stamping Plate NC05


Nail Craze Stamping Plate NC06



Nail Polish

OPI Glow in the dark mini. I don't know the name, sorry!

Never opened


Sparitual Hypnotic

Never opened

Sparitual Optical Illusion

Swatched once

Sally Hansen Salon Mist You

Never opened
Topper polish I've blogged about quite a bit 
This is a back up. 
I have two of these, buy both for $3 or $2 for one.

Revlon Street Wear Raw
Blue with purple shimmer.
New, never used.
I put tape around it to prevent evaporation.

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails

Pumpkin 4002-04
Blogged this ages ago, tried to use it a couple times.
Usage/evap down to line.
If you are trying to complete your old SH Halloween collection, this is one of them.
This was involved in a "broken polish" event that left it permanently covered with SH Slick Frost, I didn't want to put nail polish remover on it because it would ruin the label and the lid.
Needs a good home.

BB Couture Pipe Bender
Never Opened
Under their "For Men" line of polishes.
Deep forest green with a purple/green color shifting shimmer.
It was a "buy one/get one" sale and I didn't know and bought two and got four!

Maybelline Blackened Maroon (dupe of Diva Rock)
Never Opened

Maybelline Diva Rock (Dupe of Blackened Maroon)

Swatched and used for a few mani's
Blogged here (same w/Blackened Maroon)
Usage/evap down to above word "Express"
50 cents

Sally Hansen Pure White Opal

Never opened
Has a green shimmer that is a great franked ingredient
Blogged about here

Nars Full Metal Jacket
Blogged here
One mani
Original box/polish information
Slight bit of polish on bottle

Sally Hansen Nail Quencher

I have 5-6 bottles
$5 per bottle
If you want more I'll knock the price down by a dollar a bottle.
Never opened

China Glaze Grape Crush

Never used, this was a backup
Blogged here

Sally Hansen New Lengths Brownstone Creme

Swatched once and a couple of manis.
Evap/usage down to 1/4" above the top of the label.
Darker than the photo, more like a milk chocolate brown.
This photo is a bit light, blogged here.
50 cents

Sally Hansen New Lengths Concrete Creme
Never used
Evaporated down to visible line.

Sally Hansen New Lengths Fil-A-Greed Frost

Never used, this was a backup. I did blog this ages ago here. (be forwarned, they are what I now call toppers and my nails are stained. Eep.)
More nude than yellow. 
Combination sheer shimmer topper with faint iridescence and silver glitter.

Sally Hansen New Lengths Gold Digger Frost

Never used, back up.
Pale yellow shimmer with silver glitter. 
Very sheer.
Apparently I never blogged it!

Sally Hansen New Lengths Hi-Society Frost

Super pale mauve pink shimmer with faint iridescence and silver glitter.
Super sheer. Blogged here.

Sally Hansen New Lengths Blue Chip Frost

Never used, back up. Has a bit of polish on it, but that was the way it came at the Dollar Tree.
Sheer Turquoise shimmer with silver glitter.
Blogged here.

Thanks for looking!